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Try not to have your head explode.

One of the things about being involved in magic is that you eventually get to the part where your life is weird by one standard or the other. Sometimes it’s small, unexpected bouts of good fortune. Sometimes, it’s a specific behavior that you normally don’t do nor can adequately explain. And sometimes, it’s a loud voice in your head that does things it proclaims to you.

We like to think of the universe around us as a logically-driven machine where we have control over the narrative. Even magicians fall into this belief from time to time: they conjure up a force that they believe influences a part of their life, commands it to perform a specific result, dismisses it, feeds it, and then think the matter done. It’s only after significant experience is accrued that one realizes the forces they call on are more than just phone lines they can dial in – they are stories and actors/actresses who have their own part to play in our lives regardless of whether we engage with them or not.

Barbossa in Pirates of the Caribbean sums this up quite nicely.

more than you’ll ever know

My fellow Rune Soup enthusiast (and, fair disclosure, premium member) Douglas talked about animism and how it works on the What Magic Is This podcast. It’s a good listen, and it helps drive home the idea that everything in your life has a life of its own, whether you recognize it or not. And you may have to get used to the idea that you’re not very high on the list of “individuals with their own influential role”. (To be fair, you’re probably not on the bottom, either.)

So what do we make with this?

Well, consider starting by asking yourself “How do I engage with the forces around me to make my reality – and their reality, by extension – a better place to exist in?” There are a lot of ways you can accomplish this on a variety of fronts, from mass intentions to generalized offerings made to spirits as part of a regular routine. I do rosary work (surprise, surprise) as part of mine.

You might be surprised who already answered that question in the worst way possible.

(Photo by Alina Vilchenko from Pexels)

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