On Merit

Being charitable has some upsides.

As I write this, I have just replied to fellow RSPM member Rev. Janglebones on what tech of his I used for easing over what seems to be some unwanted Mars inflection in my day through the Moon. It’s something I’m keeping track of as of late.

The first part was a prayer to Mars itself, acknowledging its power and asking God to help me tame the energy a little. The second was a prayer shared by one of the students on a course of his involving Archangel Raphael to intercede on our behalf, and on behalf of the dead.

Part of my game plan this 2023 is to be more tactically merciful: blessing others who want to be blessed without ego or intent to profit. It’s not easy, but using the energy in that way – flowing it through me towards others in a positive, intentional manner – is both practice and praxis for me. Instead of using it to fuel someone else’s agenda online, I get to use it towards my own (ideally selfless) ends.

Consider giving it a try. After all, we could all use the help with the storm that 2023 holds.


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